🎙️ Unravel Episode #1: Adam Ejsmont - Bootstrapped to Acquiring a VC-Backed Startup

🎙️ Unravel Episode #1: Adam Ejsmont - Bootstrapped to Acquiring a VC-Backed Startup

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our podcast, where we engage in a captivating conversation with Adam Ejsmont, the Co-founder and COO of Echo Analytics, a formidable player in the realm of geospatial analytics hailing from France. This trailblazing company, born out of bootstrapping, defied the odds by swiftly expanding its team to 80 employees within a remarkable three-year span. Notably, Echo Analytics achieved another milestone by acquiring Roam.ai, a venture-backed company.

In this episode, Adam generously shares insights into his entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on the fascinating intersection of his professional trajectory and childhood passion for theater. Delving deep into his experiences, he unravels valuable lessons learned along the way and provides an intimate glimpse into his personal and professional relationships.

Join us as Adam unfolds his narrative, weaving together the threads of entrepreneurship, personal growth, and a lifelong affinity for the arts. Be sure to tune in to this compelling episode and share your thoughts with us—we eagerly await your feedback!

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