A reboot, new content and direction for the blog.

A reboot, new content and direction for the blog.

2023 was an intense year for me. From selling my company to starting a few new ones. Definitely a year filled with a lot of learnings. As we approach 2024, I'm going to be writing a lot more personal content around what's happening in my life. That is going to be about the startups I'm working on or working with and my journey in the learnings from them.

Here's what to expect from me:

  • The Unravel podcast's first episode is being scheduled to shoot on January 19th with my first guest, Adam Ejsmont, the COO of Echo Analytics that acquired Roam.ai.
  • Maybe my next startup I might try to build in the productivity space. Really curious if this is something I can get to the finish line and launch.

The idea is to focus on people and their stories to Unravel to create meaningful content. As long as there is some value in the format and people want to see more content. And the second part is to share the progress of the inside stories or behind the scenes of building and launching a startup to getting it to a potentially exit.

The content above is raw and just writing what's on my mind.

Thanks for all the support.